Customer-Centric Intelligence SEVENSEAS MARKETING RESEARCH

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Problem-solving marketing research to support business decision-making


In today’s society, where values have become increasingly diverse, value-driven marketing is essential to accurately provide better products and services to the market. The most important factor in achieving this is to understand consumers.

We (SSMR), experts in marketing research and surveys, provide strong support to our clients in understanding consumers and solving their problems through a wide variety of marketing research methodologies.


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Global research

Accelerating the internationalization of business through understanding consumers across international borders

As Japan and the rest of the world become increasingly global in its businesses, global research is essential to penetrate products across borders.

Our researchers, with their diverse backgrounds and rich international experience, can help you understand international consumers, incorporating cultural and regional insights.

Ad hoc Research

Customized marketing research

Using a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods including focus groups, depth interviews, CLTs, and MROC, we provide high-quality research with global & quick responsiveness. As experts in marketing research studies, we design and structure the most appropriate research for our clients and use the extracted data to understand the deeper psychology of consumers and recapture their essential needs.

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Solution Research

Technology-oriented marketing research to create the next generation of value

We provide new value through accurate and speedy technology-oriented solutions that contribute to data-driven marketing, such as web data mining and big data analysis.

AI-based cutting-edge insight exploration tool [remesh]

Using “remesh” a research method that enables live conversations with hundreds of consumers at the same time and uses AI to organize and analyze responses and understand what the audience is saying in real time, we will propose the best solutions quickly.

Community Research

Realize co-creation between consumers and companies

We leverage our extensive experience as a strategic partner of global research platform companies and employ best practices to provide insights through community research tailored to our clients’ objectives.

We will propose a mechanism that enables the aggregation of data on a longitudinal basis from a single source, while enhancing engagement.

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Online Community Research Tool [Square]

This is a research method that involves engaging individuals with specific interests or affinity towards a particular theme or brand in an online community for a certain period of time. Through conducting surveys, discussion forums, and observing participants’ daily activities, this approach explores consumer insights from multiple perspectives.


We work with overseas partners to offer world-class research methods and tools.

An AI-based online insight research methodology provided by remesh, Inc.

A research methodology that leverages the community platform provided by Human8, Inc.

A chat-style research methodology posting of videos and photo images by Rival, Inc.


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