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International Research Firms and Research Tools

SevenSeas Marketing Research has formed partnerships with overseas research and consulting firms. By combining world-class pioneering technology with SSMR’s extensive experience and consumer knowledge, we will provide powerful and innovative services. Internet-based survey applications used overseas are particularly well suited to surveys targeting younger and more digitally affluent consumers, and are attracting attention as a means of conducting cost-effective research.

remesh,Online Voting Group Chat Platform
Using AI

A research tool that enables live conversations with hundreds, if not thousands of consumers at once and gains quantitative insights from large-scale qualitative research, “remesh” uses AI to understand what audiences are saying real time and organize and analyze their responses. Faster and richer insights are available to help you make better business decisions.

Square, a research tool for managing small to mid-size reseach communities

“Square” is an online community-based research platform developed by Human8, a global consulting company with 24 offices and 8 partner hubs around the world. It is a closed, social media-like application created with the philosophy of connecting brands with people and cultures to drive positive change. The application enables users and companies to easily connect and communicate with each other in a familiar way, and to realize co-creation activities that lead to the creation of new brand value.

RIVAL, a mobile-first platform that specializes in video sharing surveys

“RIVAL” is a Voice of Customer (VOC) research platform where all traditional market research is optimized for mobile. The mobile application allows customers to easily post videos and respond to surveys anytime, anywhere. Quantitative and qualitative research can be conducted using chat-based conversational methods. It is a tool that allows you to engage with consumers in real-time through the app and encourage the sharing of deep, rich, actionable insights.