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Community Research

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Realize co-creation
between consumers and companies

As a strategic partner to global research community platform companies, we leverage our extensive experience and best practices to provide actionable insights using
online insight communities. We offer a system that can aggregate data from many single sources on an ongoing basis while increasing engagement.

Closing in on the true meaning
from ongoing dialogue

It is a research method to explore consumer insights from multiple perspectives by inviting people who are interested in a specific theme or brand to join an online community for a certain period of time, conducting surveys and interviews, and observing the daily activities of the participants.

The online platform allows for the implementation of activities that meet the needs of the community, such as surveys, discussion forums, and consumer behavior observation, as well as postings of videos and photo images , video interviews, online roundtables, and member interaction.

Enabling long-term and interactive research, a wide variety of insights can be obtained on an ongoing basis.

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Shorten time and increase efficiency

By leveraging a variety of customer communication methods, a wide range of feedback can be obtained, allowing for analysis of the customer journey to ensure customer satisfaction. By engaging brand advocates in an online community, new recruits are not required for each survey, and aggregation, analysis, and reporting can be accomplished in a fraction of the time required for traditional surveys. Online community research is gaining attention in recent years as a research method useful for corporate marketing strategies and product development, as it can efficiently capture deeper and more diverse consumer insights than traditional surveys or interviews.

community tools

SevenSeas Marketing Research has a strategic partnership with Human8, a global consulting firm with 24 offices and 8 partner hubs around the world. SevenSeas Marketing Research offers research conducted using Square, an innovative research community platform developed by Human8. Consumers are willing to participate in surveys that are relevant to them. At the same time, they also want their opinions to be heard and responded to. With Square, we offer online community research, a system that continuously aggregates valuable data from a single source while increasing engagement.



Global research


Accelerating the internationalization of business through understanding consumers across international borders.

Ad hoc Research

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Customized marketing research

Solution Research

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Technology-oriented marketing research to create the next generation of value


We work with overseas partners to offer world-class research methods and tools.

An AI-based online insight research methodology provided by remesh, Inc.

A research methodology that leverages the community platform provided by Human8, Inc.

A chat-style research methodology posting of videos and photo images by Rival, Inc.